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Drivers in Explorer

⚠️ Drivers will be deprecated soon: Use rule-based topics instead.

A Driver is a “pairing” or linking of a Topic and a Related Topic. This pairing provides a higher granularity, helping you track the combination of the Topic & Related Topic across explorations, and across projects, when included in a Model.

You should use Drivers, when you want a more granular understanding of your data. For example, you can have the Topic Room, which Explorer tells you several things about such as the Topic’s occurrence or sentiment or the related Topics to Room. However, if you would like to know a deeper understanding of a specific related Topic, you can “link” the Topic and Related Topic together to create a Driver. This Driver will expose the occurrence and sentiment of the Related Topics so you can see them next to all the other Topics.

Creating a Driver

In the Advanced Modelling page, open the “Related Topics” section under a Topic. Each Related Topic displays the “Create Driver” icon on hover.

Create driver


After clicking on the chain-link, and then clicking 'Update and Save' you will get a Driver with the Driver’s occurrence and sentiment for the Topic pair. When the driver is added, the related topic of the driver will be pinned if that exists in the project already or it will be added to the project as a pinned topic to retain and maintain the drivers. Each Driver will also create a new column in your Data sheet on your exported Reports. In each row a 1 or 0 binary value for the Driver if it appeared in the text that was analyzed, and the columns for the sentiments will be added based on the sentiment selection in the project’s setting. In addition, on your exported Excel report’s Summary sheet you will also get a row inserted at the bottom with your Drivers.

Renaming a Driver

Click on the driver name in the left menu to rename it. The maximum character length for the driver name is 60.

Removing a Driver

In the Advanced Modelling page, click on the trash icon in the driver and re-explore the project to remove the driver.


  • Currently, there are a maximum of 100 Drivers.
  • A Driver cannot be duplicated, for simplicity of use, if Driver “Room & Clean” exists, the reversed Driver “Clean & Room” cannot be created.