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Managed Users and Teams

Each user should have their own account since the Gavagai Explorer does not support concurrent analysis of projects. The manager and managed users feature, simplifies and enables co-ordination within a team during analysis. By adding managed users to a manager account you can collaborate and share your credits with them. This way, all of your colleagues or partners can use their own Explorer accounts, but only the manager account will be charged. There are other features that aid teams in cooperating during analysis of projects, the details of which can be found on the plans page.

Inviting Users

You can invite other users via the Account page. Scroll down until you see the following, and click on "Invite user" to invite another user to be managed by you. This user will then get a notification via e-mail and can accept the invitation when they log into their account. When they accept the invitation they will also join the plan which the manager is subscribed to. You can also invite the user who doesn’t have an account in Explorer. An email with the link to the registration page will be sent to a user to join your team. The user will be added to your team upon completing the registration process successfully.

Remember that the invitation will be valid until 7 days from the date it has been sent. After that the invitation will expire and be removed from the manager and user accounts automatically.

Manage user accounts

Disconnecting Managed Users

On the same page, you can also remove managed users.

Disconnecting from Manager

As a managed user, you can go to your Account page at any time and disconnect from your manager.