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Manage project data

You can manage your project data from the side panel.

Manage data button

Append data

It is possible to add several files to an existing project by uploading another CSV (.csv) or Excel file (.xlsx, .xls). The file needs to have the same columns as the one you initially uploaded. Drag and drop the new file or choose one from your computer to have them added to the project.

The project's status will change to "Appending" and the project will be re-explored. When it switches back to "Ready" you can continue the analysis of your project. The amount of rows in the project will change according to the appended files, but if there are pinned topics and/or groups in the project - they all remain in place. See section Pin Button In the section below, you can see the history of file uploads. Each row mentions the file name and format, its date of addition and the amount of rows.

Deleting data from a project

You can also delete a file that was previously added to your project. In the table listing the files that were added to the project, identify the file that you would like to delete and click the cross icon at the end of the line. A popup appear asking you to confirm the deletion.

When being deleted, the project status will change to "Deleting". It is not possible to make any more changes until the deletion is complete. It can take some time depending on the file size.

Manage project data

Pending imports

The pending imports simplifies the handling of API-generated data imports for your projects. This feature allows you to list, append, and delete data imports. By providing a streamlined way to manage your imported data, it ensures your projects stay up-to-date optimizing your data analysis process.

Manage project imports