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Project History Page

Every time you make a change to the structure of a project's pinned groups & topics or ignore terms, and perform an exploration, a new version of the project is saved. All the versions of your project can be accessed in its History tab, where you can track every change you have made to the project and perform some actions on each of the project versions.

All versions are listed reverse chronologically, ie, in the descending order of when the version was created.

Renaming Project Versions

You are allowed to rename the versions of the projects you own, to keep track of specific version of a project that you want to refer to in the future.Y You can rename a project version by clicking the pencil icon next to the name of the version you want to rename.

Reverting to an older version of a Project

One of the primary benefits of keeping track of your project versions is the ability to rollback to an older version if a mistake was made with a group or a topic of the project. After you identify the version of the project you would like to revert to, you can click the 'Revert' icon to revert to that version.

Once you have clicked the button and have confirmed you would like to revert to an older version, the project will automatically be re-explored so that the statistics reflect the updated groups & topics.

Reverting when you are receiving updates from a Model

If you have previously applied a Model to your project and are currently Receiving Updates from the Model, you are not allowed to revert to an old version of your project. The main reason for this is that when you receive updates from a model, the structure of your project is "locked", ie, you cannot add new topics, and you cannot merge pinned topics - your project's topic structure follows the model's topic structure. If you were allowed to revert to an older version of the project, you may rollback to a version which is no longer compatible with the topic structure of the model you are receiving from, putting the project in an inconsistent state.

If you need to revert to an old version, and you are currently Receiving Updates from a Model, you can stop receiving updates from the Model and then revert to an older version from the Project History page.

The "Published As" column

If a model has been created from the project, every version of the model corresponds to a project version. The "Published As" column lets you know which version of the model the corresponding project version has been published as.